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ISSN: 2456-7620

Vol-2, Issue-2, March - April 2017

Technological determinism and new media

Author: Prof. Thomas Hauer

Keywords: Education, technological determinism, education process, social changes, new technologies.

Total View: 466 Downloads: 44 Page No: 001-004 More Information...

Plath’s Ambivalence to Masculinity: an Evaluation of Her Three Poems

Author: Noshaba Kanwal

Keywords: ambivalence, gender roles, masculinity, masculine image, confessional

Total View: 288 Downloads: 27 Page No: 005-007 More Information...

“Watchdogging” Versus Adversarial Journalism by State-Owned Media: The Nigerian and Cameroonian Experience

Author: Endong Floribert Patrick C.

Keywords: Adversarial Journalism, Private Media, Opposition-Controlled Media, State-Owned Media, Watchdog Role.

Total View: 284 Downloads: 14 Page No: 008-017 More Information...

Kant on Aesthetic of the Beautiful

Author: Mubasher Mehdi

Keywords: Keywords— Art, beauty, cognition, intuition, taste.

Total View: 310 Downloads: 39 Page No: 018-030 More Information...

Security, Vulnerability and Agricultural Resilience: Experience from Herdsmen and Rural Farmers’ Conflict in Nigeria

Author: Luke Amadi, George Anokwuru

Keywords: Security, Vulnerability, Agricultural Resilience, Conflict ,Herdsmen.

Total View: 269 Downloads: 11 Page No: 031-039 More Information...