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ISSN: 2456-7620

Vol-2, Issue-1, January - February 2017

From collectivity to Separativity: Capturing ASEAN Divide in South China Sea

Author: Ebonine Victor

Keywords: ASEAN, China, South China Sea, U.S., DOC, ARF.

Total View: 308 Downloads: 35 Page No: 01-11 More Information...

The Role of International Actors in Resolving Somalia Conflict and the Peace Agreements Since 1991

Author: Edemealem Mekuriyaw

Keywords: International Actors, Role, Somalia, Conflict, Resolving, Peace Agreement.

Total View: 261 Downloads: 22 Page No: 12-17 More Information...

Une TempĂȘte Politicizing The Tempest: CĂ©saire Rewrites Shakespeare

Author: Lotfi Salhi

Keywords: Shakespeare, text, colonialism, history, culture, representation, hegemony.

Total View: 251 Downloads: 47 Page No: 18-25 More Information...

On Strategies for Translating Chinese Four-character Expressions into English

Author: Chuanmao Tian

Keywords: Chinese; four-character phrase; translation; strategy.

Total View: 299 Downloads: 24 Page No: 26-37 More Information...

Short Term Memory vs. Working Memory

Author: Mahshad Tasnimi


Total View: 322 Downloads: 47 Page No: 38-40 More Information...