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ISSN: 2456-7620

Vol-1, Issue-1, November - December 2016

Interest Oriented Language Teaching and Learning through Integration of Skills

Author: Dr. A. Tamilselvi

Keywords: Interest Oriented Language, Learning, Language, thoughts.

Total View: 577 Downloads: 387 Page No: 001-004 More Information...

Processing Language via Brain

Author: Alaa L. Alnajm

Keywords: neuro-linguistics, brain, aphasia and language.

Total View: 338 Downloads: 49 Page No: 005-008 More Information...

A Linguistic Examination of Different Narrative Structures in Soyinka’s the Interpreters

Author: Innocent E. Agu

Keywords: Linguistics, Examination, Narrative, Structures.

Total View: 329 Downloads: 51 Page No: 009-015 More Information...

An Analysis of the Disadvantaged Position of Ethnic Minorities in Kureishi’s “Borderline”

Author: Ebru Ceker

Keywords: Kureishi, Borderline, Ethnic.

Total View: 658 Downloads: 48 Page No: 016-019 More Information...

Africa in International System: From Eurafrique to Afro-Europa

Author: AKINYETUN, Tope Shola

Keywords: EURAFRIQUE, AFRO-EUROPA, Africa, EU-Africa.

Total View: 304 Downloads: 31 Page No: 020-028 More Information...

The Political Economy of Land and Chieftaincy Disputes in Contemporary Africa: Examples from Central Nigeria

Author: Patrick I. Ukase, Victoria One Abraham

Keywords: Political Economy , Chieftaincy Disputes , Contemporary, Central Nigeria.

Total View: 340 Downloads: 34 Page No: 029-040 More Information...

A Pragmatic Reading of Pusonnam Yiri’s Blindness of the Mind: Focus on Politeness Strategies Employed in the Text

Author: Chinelo J. Ezekulie, Dr. Chinyere Henrietta Maduabuchi

Keywords: Blindness of the Mind, Text, Pusonnam Yiri’s, Communication.

Total View: 357 Downloads: 39 Page No: 041-048 More Information...

A History of Islam among the Fakkawa of Zuru Emirate, 1910-2015

Author: Yusuf Abdullahi

Keywords: Fakkawa, Islam, Muslim, Scholars, Izala.

Total View: 312 Downloads: 28 Page No: 049-054 More Information...

R. S. Thomas: The Infinite Quest for Welsh Identity

Author: Anamika Sharma

Keywords: R. S. Thomas, poems, Anglo-Welsh writer.

Total View: 301 Downloads: 27 Page No: 055-057 More Information...

Raina Petkoff’s Changing Attitudes towards Love: A Study of Her Defense Contrivance Based on Psychoanalytical Analysis

Author: Farhana Haque

Keywords: Raina, Id, Ego, Superego, Defense contrivance, Psychoanalysis, Arms and the Man.

Total View: 339 Downloads: 45 Page No: 058-061 More Information...