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ISSN: 2456-7620

Vol-2, Issue-5, September - October 2017


Attitude towards Women in Managerial Positions: A study among Undergraduate Students of the University of Ghana

Author: Prince Addai, Isaac Nti Ofori, Rona Bioh, John Avor

Keywords: attitude; integrity; management; women; perception; gender; religion.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.24001/ijels.2.5.1

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“You just don’t understand.”-A Postcolonial Reading of Everyday Use

Author: Zhao Zhiliang

Keywords: Everyday Use; the Other; African culture.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.24001/ijels.2.5.2

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Gender, Education and Marital Status as Determinants of Leadership Styles among Pastoral Leaders

Author: Uzonwanne C. Francis, Nwanzu Lucky. Chiyem

Keywords: Gender, educational, marital status, transformational leadership, transactional leadership, laissez faire leadership and pastoral leaders.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.24001/ijels.2.5.3

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Cultural Juxtaposition in R.K Naryan’s novel The Guide

Author: Santanu Panda

Keywords: Indian, Western, Culture, Religious, Traditional, Indian Rules.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.24001/ijels.2.5.4

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Flann O’Brian: The Author’s Rhetorical Masks: At Swim-Two-Birds and Poor Mouth

Author: Baciu Ana-Maria

Keywords: modernism, postmodernism, identity, deconstruction, rhetorical masks.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.24001/ijels.2.5.5

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Writing, as Mysterious as a Cat: a Critical Evaluation of Poe’s the fall of the House of Usher

Author: Abhik Maiti

Keywords: Gothic fiction, American Gothic Genre, Poe, Modern Psychological Fiction, Freud, Doppelganger.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.24001/ijels.2.5.6

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Digital Media Literacy to Higher Students in Indonesia

Author: Lucy Pujasari Supratman, Aep Wahyudin

Keywords: Digital Media, Education, Higher Students, Internet, Literacy.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.24001/ijels.2.5.7

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Myth and Trivia: The double encoding of the Irish representations in the novel At Swim-Two-Birds

Author: Safta Cristina Elena

Keywords: Myth and Trivia, At Swim-Two-Birds, novel.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.24001/ijels.2.5.8

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Self-Constructive Obsession in Philip Roth’s The Portnoy’s Complaint

Author: Naser Shakarami

Keywords: Lacan, obsession, psychoanalysis, Self-construction.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.24001/ijels.2.5.9

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Local Wisdom Based Tourist Village Organization in Lombok Tourist Area

Author: Mohammad Irfan, Any Suryani

Keywords: Sade, Village governance, tourism, culture.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.24001/ijels.2.5.10

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Enjambment and End-stopping in the Magnum Opus of the Three Renowned poets: Chaucer, Gower, Langland

Author: Amin Rastar

Keywords: Poetry, Enjambment, End-stopping, Chaucer, Langland, Gower.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.24001/ijels.2.5.11

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Watching T.V. and Playing Video Games and their Relation to Children Obesity between the Ages of (6:12)

Author: Dr. Nermeen Singer, P.D. Ehab M. Eid

Keywords: Children Obesity, Playing Video Games, Relation, Watching T.V.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.24001/ijels.2.5.12

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Crowdsourcing translation under translational eco-environment of Web 2.0

Author: Churan Su

Keywords: Web 2.0; crowdsourcing translation; eco-translatology; translational eco-environment.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.24001/ijels.2.5.13

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Vocabulary Definition, Text Summary, and Pre-passage Questions as Pre-Reading Comprehension Strategies

Author: Ester V. Limpangog

Keywords: Pre-Reading Comprehension Strategies, Pre-passage Questions, Text Summary, Vocabulary Definition.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.24001/ijels.2.5.14

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Developing Oral Communication Skills through Collaborative Learning: Implications for Nigerian Teachers

Author: Muhammad Mukhtar Aliyu

Keywords: Collaborative learning, Nigeria, oral communication skills.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.24001/ijels.2.5.15

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Assessing the effectiveness of Vocational Education and Trainings (VET) in Improving Employability: A Case Study of Skills for Employment Programs in Nepal

Author: Prof. Uma Kant Silwal, Kushmakar Bhatta

Keywords: Vocational, Occupation, Employment, Gender, Ethnicity.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.24001/ijels.2.5.16

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The Necessity of Reinterpreting Identity in Jan Lowe Shinebourne’s The Last Ship

Author: Abigail Persaud Cheddie

Keywords: West Indies, Guyana, Identity, Immigrant, Shinebourne, Reinterpretation.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.24001/ijels.2.5.17

Total View: 396 Downloads: 15 Page No: 140-148 More Information...

Confessional christian schools and education in Brazil

Author: Albeiro Mejia Trujillo, Maria Francisca Ferreira Trujillo

Keywords: Reform; Counter-Reformation; Christian Education; Curriculum Jesuit; Protestants Schools.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.24001/ijels.2.5.18

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Simple Tenses of the Verb in Kamayo Language

Author: Erwin R. Bucjan

Keywords: Kamayo Language, affixes, simple tenses, verb.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.24001/ijels.2.5.19

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Consequences of Borrowing Money from Lending Institutions in Relation to Job Performance

Author: Michelle M. Zaragoza, Rose A. Arceño

Keywords: Consequences of Borrowing Money, DepEd Teachers, Job Performance, Lending Institutions, Philippines.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.24001/ijels.2.5.20

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Hardy’s Sue Bridehead: The concept of New Woman

Author: Dr. Shikha Shukla

Keywords: About five key words in alphabetical order, separated by comma. Hardy attacks the institution, marriage, motherhood, sexuality, irreligious.

ijeab doi crossref DOI: 10.24001/ijels.2.5.21

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