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ISSN: 2456-7620

Impact Factor: 5.96

Religion and/or A business? A critical reading of Tree without Roots and PK

Vol-3,Issue-6,November - December 2018

Author: Md. Al Walid, Robiul Islam

Keywords: Idea of religion, pseudo-religion, ersatz-saints, pseudo-religious operation, business etc.

Abstract: Religion, with intent, has been misinterpreted by a number of ersatz-saints for their earthly sakes. The paper critically gives a substantial reading of a select South Asian film and a novel with a view to reforming pseudo- religious practices for earthly gain and fanaticism of society, especially, in Bangladesh and India. Showing pseudo-religious activities as a worldly concerned issue from past to present analyzing in the light of Tree without Roots by Niaz Zaman (a translated form of Lal Shalu by Syed Waliullah) and PK- a film by Rajkumar Hirani, the paper argues that ‘pseudo-religious operation’ creates inconsistency among religious ideologies and deviates people from religious ideology to religious superstition, and mostly pseudo-saints use it as a business resource. This research is done with the content analysis of text and film applying qualitative research approach. The argument is developed through different and differing conceptualization of religion and pseudo-religion. Subsequently, it discusses ‘operation of pseudo-religion’ in Tree Without Roots and in PK. Finally it aims to demonstrate how pseudo-religion differs from concept of religion, whether it is anti-religious ideology and how it creates bewilderment.

ijeab doi crossrefDOI: 10.22161/ijels.3.6.54

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