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ISSN: 2456-7620

On Diagnosing Business Communication Needs

On Diagnosing Business Communication Needs ( Vol-3,Issue-2,March - April 2018 )

Author: Mounir Chibi, Jamal Akabli

Keyword: BE, business communication, GE, learners, needs analysis, practitioners.

Abstract: The teaching/learning of Business English (BE) is so daunting a task that practitioners shy away from it and learners avert it altogether unless they have to. Understanding students’ needs is sure to change this perception and win students over. What better way to prompt students than by feeding teachers on what it takes for a business needs’ analysis to yield the much desired results. This essay is two-fold in perspective being partitioned along two touchstones, oral and written communication, each of which is important.


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ijeab doi crossrefDOI: 10.22161/ijels.3.2.13

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