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ISSN: 2456-7620

Impact Factor: 5.96

English Academic Writing Performance Level of KSU Students

Vol-8,Issue-3,May - June 2023

Author: Lourdes Adeline Nicole Y. Cosmiano

Keywords: Proficiency, Technical Writing, learning enhancement

Abstract: Linguists and scholars have been studying the influence of English language competency on numerous domains such as academic performance and employability for many years. While early researchers suggested that English proficiency did not predict high academic ratings and employment aptitude, evidence now shows that English proficiency is a cutting-edge asset in areas of academic success and employment in highly competitive and demanding industries in various fields of specialization. This is descriptive-evaluative research that employed a survey to investigate the English proficiency level and the relationship between English proficiency and academic accomplishment of technical writing students. In this study, a non-probability sampling strategy, namely the purposive sampling technique, was used. The findings show majority of respondents are proficient at English grammar and reading but have a low degree of competency in writing. Only grammar had an effect on the respondents' sex profile out of the three English competence levels tested. The survey also indicated that respondents' English proficiency levels (grammar, reading, and writing) are highly connected to their academic accomplishment. It is recommended that a more thorough evaluation and analysis be conducted in order to identify real variables and predictors that would truly affect and influence students' levels of proficiency and academic achievement, ultimately creating and producing the best teaching and learning enhancement program.

Article Info: Received: 17 Feb 2023; Received in revised form: 24 Mar 2023; Accepted: 12 Jun 2023; Available online: 21 Jun 2023

ijeab doi crossrefDOI: 10.22161/ijels.83.58

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