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Poverty Assessment in Rural Area of Jodhpur District in Western Arid Region of Rajasthan

Poverty Assessment in Rural Area of Jodhpur District in Western Arid Region of Rajasthan ( Vol-2,Issue-4,July - August 2017 )

Author: Satya Prakash Sharma

Keyword: Poverty, Rural Area, Rajasthan.

Abstract: An attempt has been made to assess the poverty status in rural area of Jodhpur district of western Rajasthan. Two villages were randomly selected fall in the radius of 20 km from the Jodhpur city whereas another two villages were selected 60 km far from Jodhpur city with poor infrastructure facility and poor non-farm employment. 30 respondents were randomly selected from each selected village.A total of 120 respondents were selected from four village for the study. Simple tabulation method was used. For determining the poverty status, income method was used. From the study, it is revealed that agriculture, livestock, non-farm-labor activities are the main factor for poverty assessment. Size of land holding is a crucial factor. Marginal and small land holding couple with low income, are the main reason for poverty. The percentage of earners in the family size groups and percentage of dependents is inversely proportionate.


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