Communicative Practices in Mata Najwa “Bara Jelang 2019” (Ethnography of Communication Study)

  • Noni Marlianingsih Universitas Indraprasta PGRI Jakarta, Jl. Nangka No.58 C Tanjung Barat Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
Keywords: Communicative Practice, Ethnography of Communication


Communication is a fundamental requirement that is done by humans in their daily activities. Each interaction is accompanied by a communicative practice that occurs at the Mata Najwa show in the form of oral, verbal and non-verbal conversation. Hosts and informants communicate using formal and informal languages ​​(vernacular/colloquial) in order to feel familiar and without distance. Hosts and informants have their own communicative intention and purpose. Communicative actions that arise such asexplorative, informative, evaluativequestions and statements. This research uses descriptive qualitative method because the data analysis and data collection are described by words (phrase or sentence) not by numbers. The results of the study are words and espressionsthat contain SPEAKING elements according to Hymes (scene, participants, ends, act sequences, key, instruments, norms, genres).

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